Single Most Badass Person in American History

2013-03-14 10:08:38 by MidoriKatsu

Yes, it is true, Andrew Jackson is a badass. He had a bullet in him for 20 years- no make that two bullets, he had Congress and the Supreme Court by the dick hair, and he got into fights with anybody who dared challenge him. He beat people with his fucking pimp cane if they disrespected his authoritah. It was ruled in Worcester v. Georgia that the Cherokee had the rights to their precious land, but Andrew Jackson didn't give a fuck, he sent those Native Americans on the motherfucking trail of tears. He exemplified and exercised his Executive power to the max!!! I heart AJ c:

Single Most Badass Person in American History


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2013-03-14 10:18:54

What, nobody beats Teddy Roosevelt. Dude got shot during a speech and didn't give a fuck, just kept going.

MidoriKatsu responds:

Haha Roosevelt and Wilson are two other ones I like.