2013-03-08 22:44:48 by MidoriKatsu

I thought of a Haiku on my way home from school. It was raining so I was feeling lonely and a little gloomy. here it is.

Love at times is bleak
But something it also is,
is perpetual.


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2013-03-09 05:21:36

Fill me in. Who or What's a Haiku?

MidoriKatsu responds:

a poem with 3 lines
the first must have 5 syllables
the second must have 7 syllables
the third must have 5 syllables

in total there are 17 syllables.


2013-03-09 11:47:52

Wow, that's impressive. Let me try.

Before I eat bread,
I drink tons of apple juice.
I ate egg instead.

Very deep poetry. Even I can't comprehend it.

(Updated ) MidoriKatsu responds:

Your poem gave me lots of feels.


2013-03-09 21:38:42

"The newspost is new
In it she talked of haiku
She liked this post."

Is that good ^

(Updated ) MidoriKatsu responds:

That's 16 syllables. You bring much dishonor to famiry. Your suicide would be most honorable right now.