Entry #1

Stupid summer.

2012-06-17 03:29:59 by MidoriKatsu

Memo to self and to whomever cares,

So.... I'm supposed to do all this work for 2 of my AP classes next year and I'm seriously thinking, why? Most of it is so that the teacher can get to know us individually; I don't think the teachers even care for you at all in college. I ammm soooo lagging on my AP English reading. Damn you, Newgrounds. You've turned me into a procrastinator. I love you. Now you've turned me into a bipolar. I hate you!!!! But I love you. <3

-Yamanaka, Katsu

P.S.- You've also given me the time and liberty to post pointless stuff like vvvvvvv

Stupid summer.


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2013-03-03 01:32:18

fuk me pls bb mm u want fuk dont u hehe

MidoriKatsu responds:

In the ear, please???


2013-03-03 03:29:48


(Updated ) MidoriKatsu responds:

Hello person.